OceanVolt Propulsion Systems

OceanVolt Propulsion Systems

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Oceanvolt SEA® is a complete hybrid motor system offering Silent Electric Autonomy for catamarans and sailboats. Award-winning SEA® system uses efficient electric motors for propulsion and generates energy and recharges batteries with simple push of a button.

OceanVolt Propulsion Systems are a omplete electric & hybrid motor systems for sailboats & catamarans. The system creates energy while sailing, is silent, lightweight and maintenance free. You can install it to any sailboat between 20-60 ft. whether new or old.

You can create up to 4000W. The regeneration function of the motors will recharge your batteries. Complemented with solar power and shore power, there is almost no need to use a generator while sailing.

You can have a picture-perfect sailing experience with silent motors complemented by patented flexible mounting system reducing vibrations. The system is lightweight and all the boat installations can be weight-optimized.

You can enjoy sailing without downtime as our electric motors have no gears or components like diesel engines that can break or that need to be replaced every year.


  • Zero Emission
  • 48V System
  • Instant Power Output for Maneuverability
  • Patented Technology


Propulsion Systems for Racing

Oceanvolt is the ideal solution for dedicated racers; replace the weight of a diesel engine, exhaust system and fuel tanks with an electric motor and battery bank, optimized to get you out and back from the race course, and save weight and help balance the boat. Thanks to the synchronous permanent magnet AC motor, the system gives you immediate power and torque when engaged. This feature, and the highly accurate control lever, make maneuvering the boat easier in tight situations and can help avoid costly collisions at a crowded starting line. Intelligent motor control allows recharging the batteries through hydro generation while sailing above 6kn just a push of a button. Range can be further extended, when needed, with a portable AC generator. All Oceanvolt systems are engineered to operate at 48 volts for safety and ease of repair. Oceanvolt systems are extremely low maintenance (no annual engine maintenance costs).

Propulsion Systems for Motorboats & Monohull

Silent electric Oceanvolt motors close the gap between sailboat and motorboat. Enjoy your day out on the water without the noise and smell of combustion engines. Have a chat with your friends while under way without yelling over the noise of the engine!

Oceanvolt offers Hybrid or Electric systems as a power & propulsion option in partnership with many leading monohull boat builders – adding new partners continuously. We also offer repowering solutions for converting away from legacy diesel engines – removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks and exhaust system – cleaning up greasy, smelly engine compartments and freeing up both weight and space below deck.

Oceanvolt systems are scaled and configured to achieve maximum efficiency – taking into consideration boat length, beam and displacement as well as system weight and placement within the boat. Range, beyond battery capacity, is extended through hydro generation while sailing above 6kn. This can be complemented with either a portable AC generator or a DC generator (in larger boats or for long distance cruising).

Hydro Generation

The hydro generation or “creating energy while sailing” function is an automatic feature in all Oceanvolt motors. This feature is activated by pushing the button on the Oceanvolt displays for 5 seconds. The display will automatically switch to regeneration mode showing the current generated power, RPM and time until the batteries are fully charged.

With a folding propeller the motor kicks the blades out and centrifugal force combined with the motor controller keep the blades open. The motor controllers tune the system actively at 10 Hz which prevents the blades from closing (too much braking would close the propellers). This is continuous monitoring, the system will adjust the propeller RPM depending on the boat speed.

The system shuts itself down when the battery is fully charged or if boat speed is too low for efficient hydro generation.

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