Mazu iPad Satellite Tracking App

Mazu iPad Satellite Tracking App

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mazu iPad app from SkyMate is to Stay Connected Wherever You Go. The all new mazu iPad app from SkyMate gives you easy access to a wide variety of communication and navigation functions.

Plan great trips on your iPad® with mazu™. Easily select and download free NOAA nautical charts. Proactively manage your trip. Use the 7-day weather forecasts (e.g. wind and wave) to determine the best boating conditions. Manage the waypoints on your Route as needed. Use the Dashboard to navigate, relative to your current position and planned Route. Record your Track.

Sentry – Remote Monitoring.
The optional Sentry Monitoring and Control system keeps track of vessel functions and sends alerts anywhere in the world. Wired sensors/actuators 4 per cable (max 16) deliver information to the ISI 2000 which uses the satellite transceiver to send email or text alerts. Current vessel conditions like battery voltage, high water/bilge alarms, intruder alerts, anchor or vessel movement and more are sent out wherever the vessel is.

The all new mazu iPad app from SkyMate gives you easy global access to a wide variety of communication and navigation functions.

  • Global Coverage – Stay Connected Wherever you go
    Reliable worldwide service
    mSeries system communicates via the Iridium network
    SOS – 24/7, 365 SAR emergency response by GEOS.
    International Emergency Response Coordination Center dispatches rescue operations.
  • Weather – Always know the weather with updates during your voyage
    Seven day forecasts show wind & wave heights where you are, and where you are going.
    Subscribe to and receive NOAA weather alerts.
    Download and view Satellite imagery through NEXRAD
  • Email and SMS* – Communication is easy
    Email and text while out at sea or away from cellular and WiFi connections
    Track your boat with SkyTracker, SkyMate’s online tracking system
    Position reporting – update family and friends automatically at an interval you choose
  • Navigation – Know where you are, where you are going, when you will arrive
    On-screen tracking with NOAA nautical charts
    Create/edit routes, modify waypoints, active waypoint alarm
    Real-time navigation information on the dashboard
  • Sentry – Monitor boat functions remotely anywhere in the world
    Sentry tells you what is going on aboard your boat no matter where the vessel is.
    Bilge/high water alarms, door and entry alerts, anchor watch, perimeter alarms and more.
    Up to 16 sensors/actuators can be connected at one time with 4 per cable.

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