Marine Cameras

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We have marine cameras from fixed micro, dome, engine-room and general cameras to pan / tilt / zoom in ultra low light, IP and thermal Marine Cameras. Australian Marine Wholesale supply the best marine cameras from FLIR, Iris, Garmin, and Raymarine in day or night time cameras. 

Visible light marine cameras offer an affordable marine CCTV solution. They perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Simply plug and play with any compatible multifunction display to create your onboard video CCTV system.

Thermal Night Vision maritime thermal imagers display the invisible heat energy from a range of potential hazards, including floating debris, shipping lane traffic, vessels riding at anchor, and small boats. Being able to see clearly at night and in low light conditions not only improves safety at sea, but also prolongs your time on the water, adding value and assurance so you can get the most out of your boating experience.


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