NaviLED 360 Round Red Navigation Lamp

NaviLED 360 Round Red Navigation Lamp

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Hella marine NaviLED®360 lamps feature single LED efficiency, advanced MultivoltTM electronics and precision optics for reliable and highly visible all round lighting. With less than 1.5W of consumption, NaviLED®360 lamps draw a fraction of the energy required to run a conventional 2 nautical mile incandescent lamp.

No bulbs, No maintenance. Ultra long service life. Hella marine LED technology has no filaments to break making NaviLED® lamps extremely shock and vibration proof for reliability and safety in demanding conditions.

Safe and highly visible. Hella marine optics deliver 100% correct light output and enhance visibility compared to bulb navigation lamps. Fully sealed for life. IP 67 Certified. Each NaviLED® lamp is a completely sealed unit, highly UV and corrosion resistant. High impact housings ensure durability from waves and impact. NaviLED®360 anchor lamps have undergone extensive ‘tested to destruction’ programs to help lift product reliability to a new standard.

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NaviLED 360 Round Red Navigation Lamp

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