Furuno FA 150 AIS

Furuno FA 150 AIS

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A Class-A Universal Automatic Identification System (UAIS) transponder, the FA-150 is designed to improve navigation safety by observing other AIS equipped ships. The FA-150 complies with relevant international regulations and standards (e.g., IMO, ITU-R, IEC) as well as national class requirements.

The FA-150 offers real-time information exchange of your own ships data and other AIS-equipped ships or coastal stations within VHF coverage. Information that is exchanged includes static, dynamic, voyage related data, as well as short safety-related messages.

The FA-150 consists of a GPS antenna, a transponder unit, a display unit and other associated equipment. The internal GPS receiver provides UTC reference for system synchronization. It also gives position, COG and SOG if no external positioning equipment is connected. There are two types of configurations for the antenna unit: GPS and VHF combined and separate antennas. Both types of GPS antennas feature a special interference shield that allows superior performance when they are in an area of influence by equipment such as radar and satellite phones.

An exceptionally compact GPS antenna is also available in the separate configuration. The FA-150 can be interfaced with Radar and ECDIS, allowing AIS information to be displayed on them. No additional interface units are required for connection to the latest FURUNO radar FAR-21x7/28x7 series or ECDIS FEA-2107/2807 series. Use of the WAGO connectors simplifies installation and connection.


  • Compact 4.5" silver bright display
  • Full compliance with international regulations and standards
  • IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3 ITU-R M.1371 IEC 60993-2
  • IEC 60945 MTSA 2002 - U.S. AIS Requirements
  • Integrates with Radar, ECDIS and Electronic Chart System
  • Easy to operate
  • Optional PC software
  • Provides real-time AIS info for collision avoidance

NOTE 1): Some features may require additional / optional sensors

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